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F Troop 17th Cavalry Website would like to thank James Maxson for his contribution of the following photographs.  They depict his grandfather, Norman D. Smith, a trooper in the 17th Cavalry, ca. 1916, in locations including Ft. Huachuca AZ and along the Mexican border.     These are historic and fascinating photos taken during the formation of the 17th Cavalry.   

(Photos on this page are the copyrighted property of James Maxson
and may not be used without permission. Contact at James Maxson.)


Lt%20Brown.jpg (105683 bytes)
Lt. Brown

Lunch in Douglas AZ.jpg (87974 bytes)

Lunch in Douglas AZ

Mac Cleaning Side Arm.jpg (152560 bytes)

Mac Cleaning Side Arm

Dress Whites with Weapon + Cigar.jpg (170094 bytes)

Dress Whites.jpg (134092 bytes)

Dress Whites with
weapon & Ciger

Dress Whites

Mexican Border.jpg (137787 bytes)

Mexican Border

Watch Out MTV-Nashville.jpg (108147 bytes)

Watch out MTV Nashville

George Knapp ready for church.jpg (102128 bytes)

Heftin Hay.jpg (148315 bytes)

George Knapp ready
for church

Heftin Hay

KP Duty-Ed Roelin+Walt Kelly.jpg (98960 bytes)

KP Duty Ed Roelin & Walt Kelly

Local Transport Douglas AZ.jpg (181970 bytes)

Local Transport Douglas AZ

17CrestT.gif (8517 bytes)

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