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F Troop 17th Cavalry Website would like to thank James Maxson for his contribution of the following photographs.  They depict his grandfather, Norman D. Smith, a trooper in the 17th Cavalry, ca. 1916, in locations including Ft. Huachuca AZ and along the Mexican border.     These are historic and fascinating photos taken during the formation of the 17th Cavalry.   

(Photos on this page are the copyrighted property of James Maxson
and may not be used without permission. Contact at James Maxson.)


Norman D Smith.jpg (76059 bytes)
Norman D. Smith

1st Squad Tent and Wash-Stand.jpg (50843 bytes)

1st Squad Tent and Wash Stand

After a bad wind and rain storm-July 1916 Douglas AZ.jpg (18793 bytes)

After a wind and rain storm July 1916 Douglas AZ

Baggage car cnvrted to kitch.jpg (52951 bytes)

Rifle Range Pit.jpg (77371 bytes)

Baggage car converted to kitchen

Rifle Range pit

Camp after a hike.jpg (31790 bytes)


Machine Gun Cp Anniston Ala.jpg (48924 bytes)

Machine Gun CP Anniston Ala

D-Troop Transport Machine-1917.jpg (31836 bytes)

D Troop Transport 1917

Instruction and Orders.jpg (41158 bytes)

Instruction and Orders

Maj Bryant-Lt Ballantyne-Capt Kyle.jpg (56865 bytes)

Capt. Kyle,  Lt. Ballatnyne,  Maj. Bryant

Ready for drill.jpg (40985 bytes)

Ready for drill

Squad Hike to Ft Huachuca 1916.jpg (102795 bytes)

Squad hike to Ft. Huachuca AZ

Squad hike-enroute.jpg (116792 bytes)

Squad hike enroute

Troop C Mess Hall.jpg (26177 bytes)

Troop C Mess Hall
Fatique Formation.jpg (528140 bytes)

Fatigue Formation

Troops Go To Town.jpg (715091 bytes)

Troops Go To Town

17CrestT.gif (8517 bytes)

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