Photos from Nick Santini

F Troop's first new track with Gunshields up to this point we were the only Cavalry unit in Vietnam that didn't have or use Gunshields. We received 10 of them with this shipment.
Supply Sgt. Nick A. Santini is shown in the picture with the new track.

Photo of SSG Nick A. Santini (Supply Sgt.), 1LT John A. Emens (XO) and 1LT Ronald Frady (2nd Plt Ldr) 1968

SSG Nick A. Santini, Troop Supply Sgt. call sign "Happy Provider" 1968-69
Supply Sgt. Nick A. Santini with his dog "DEROS" , several of the tracks had dogs riding on them with the troops in 1968.
SSG Nick A. Santini, SSG Longoria, SGT Lee A.K. Kuamoo and SP4 James Daly (1968-69)

SSG Nick A. Santini with his dog "DEROS".

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