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Competitors crunch out sit-ups during the physical training test May 8 to kick off the NCO andCavalry trooper named SOY

Pvt. Howard Ketter
20th PAD

Fit, intelligent and “high-speed” describes the U.S. Army Alaska 2007 Soldier of the Year, Spc. John C. Crow, of D Troop, 6th Squadron, 17th Calvary Regiment.

Crow, a 21-year-old originally from Midland, Texas, lives in Fairbanks with his wife, Shara.

Crow has been in the Army for two years and eight months and has completed the Cold Weather Warrior Leadership Course. His short-term goal is to be promoted to sergeant; eventually, he wants to serve as a sergeant major.

Crow was chosen by his sergeant major to compete in the three-day event at Fort Richardson. He wanted to compete for the challenge of it.

He earned his cavalry spurs in April, showing he could overcome tough obstacles.

“The toughest part of the competition had to be the written exam,” he said of the competition, which consisted of common task training, current events and board questions.

The two-mile run didn’t phase Spc. John Crow (number 6), who was named U.S. Army Alaska’s 2007 Soldier of the Year. Crow is assigned to D Troop, 6th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment.

“During the ruck march, my buddies were telling me that I was in the lead,” Crow said. “I went in thinking there was no way I was going to win.”

Crow said Sgt. Carl Young helped him train for the competition. He said it was physically and mentally difficult, but the easiest part of it all was the physical training test.

“The PT test was when I had the most energy,” said Crow.

Crow said he thanks his wife for supporting and believing in him, and to God for helping him be the Soldier he is today.

“I was pretty excited when I won,” Crow said. “I really wasn’t expecting to win, but I did. If you’ve got your head on straight and you’re proficient at what you do, that makes you a good Soldier.”







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